gral noem ep by Burlap Productions

Industrial atmospheres mixed in the deep cold; rooted in the aesthetics of Seefeel, Autechre and producer Mark Van Hoen. The gral noem ep combines electronica, ambience and rhythm... music for darker places.

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U•LOT Records Label Sampler 2021 - mixed by Burlap Productions

A megamix of songs and remixes from various artists represented on the U•LOT label, including Peachboy, Keysmvsh, SlayStax, Filament Quartet, The Ray Koenig Group and mix curator Burlap Productions. Free download available through SoundCloud here 

All selected tracks available at

New Noodles

Another full album of electronics, with everything on the menu:

• Chicago house • dub-infused thump  sneak-step laboratory  beat polyrhythm  bizarre synth-pop  tape-loop experimental  purple dubstep  shimmering ambience  horn-section big beat  distorted downtempo  funky slow-motion soul  cold breath drum ‘n strings. 

'New Noodles' is being presented on boutique label U•LOT Records with streaming & purchase options on multiple platforms. Click links below:

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Listen Up U Lot!

Burlap Productions is proud to be hosting selections from boutique label U•LOT Records; a digital-only operation focused on "The Electric & The Eclectic".

The first release is the 12-track compilation ARTIFACTS: Sampler 01, representing music from all over the world...

KHON (Thailand)
The Ray Koenig Group (Memphis)
SlayStax (Newcastle)
STARWOLF (Okinawa)
Burlap Productions (Tallahassee)
Filament Quartet (Boston)
The Phantom Trucks (Santa Monica)
Laurin Dub (Halifax)
Jaye Ellis (NYC)
Einar Vacek (Krakow)
Street Tooth (Lyon)
peachboy (Chicago)

Full album with download booklet available here > ARTIFACTS: Sampler 01

Also available: Bonus EP
Additional material collected during the construction of Sampler 01. New tracks from KHON, Starwolf, Filament Quartet and Burlap Productions. 

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Burlap Productions heads to the dance floor with obscure funk & heavy electronica, with a light sprinkling of world, prog, tech-house, dubstep, trance and a pinch of mashup. Kick up your feet through the streets of London, Chicago, Thailand, Detroit, Nigeria, Los Angeles and elsewhere > these are a few of his favorite things...

Stream:   Mixcloud || HearThis

Download ZIPfile with art & track listing:  PRO, Vol. One


A compilation of reissued classics from the cassette archives, brought to you by U•LOT Records.
Now available on Bandcamp / click below image to link:


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An album of original songs, released June 14th, 2019. 
It started out as a series of anagrams. Most of the time the title informed the song, but there were a few exceptions. The introduction of Brad Courin on bass added some spice to a couple tracks, and the sour-apple-sweetness came from Rubi Frost's guest vocals for 'I Scoot Bland Pru-Pru'.  
An extra EP is included in the purchase > L.U.P.I. Bonus Trac Drop;  orphans born during the same recording sessions at BurLabs.  They are the last 4 tracks in the download package; four possible endings to the LP.

As always, we present to you a variety of styles under one roof:  Funky / experimental / house / ambient / chill out / electroacoustic / pop / artificial intelligence / plunderphonics / ghost folk / music concrete / 90's electronica... 
All anagrams, synthesizers, drum machines, field recordings, smartphones, lyrics, piano, loops, sequencers, percussion, selected vocals and found sounds assembled, recorded & mixed 2018-2019 at BurLabs. 
special thanks: brad / tiara / isi / jen / max / everyone sampled 

All artwork by max & glenn swan