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An album of original songs, released June 14th, 2019. 
It started out as a series of anagrams. Most of the time the title informed the song, but there were a few exceptions. The introduction of Brad Courin on bass added some spice to a couple tracks, and the sour-apple-sweetness came from Rubi Frost's guest vocals for 'I Scoot Bland Pru-Pru'.  
An extra EP is included in the purchase > L.U.P.I. Bonus Trac Drop;  orphans born during the same recording sessions at BurLabs.  They are the last 4 tracks in the download package; four possible endings to the LP.

As always, we present to you a variety of styles under one roof:  Funky / experimental / house / ambient / chill out / electroacoustic / pop / artificial intelligence / plunderphonics / ghost folk / music concrete / 90's electronica... 
All anagrams, synthesizers, drum machines, field recordings, smartphones, lyrics, piano, loops, sequencers, percussion, selected vocals and found sounds assembled, recorded & mixed 2018-2019 at BurLabs. 
special thanks: brad / tiara / isi / jen / max / everyone sampled 

All artwork by max & glenn swan